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LVR LandesMuseum // Workshop 1

Colmantstraße 14-16
53115 Bonn

The event will be held in English.

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Listening to people has of course always been a core task of journalism. But pioneer newsrooms across Europe are on the mission to go deeper and put their community at the heart of their journalism routines.

In this panel and discussion we share our best practices about how community journalism is key to large scale investigations and small scale engagement, to the development of participation models in cities and how it leads to new sustainable business models.

We’ll focus especially on the challenge of independent newsrooms to establish the workflows and choose the right toolstack to make these practices a daily routine.

Which mistakes have been made in the past? Why would a newsroom take the difficult route of building its own tool? Can you balance the need to quickly implement solutions and a commitment to data privacy? Is there such a thing as a blueprint for community-engagement workflows?

Our panelist bring practical examples to answer those questions, but we’d also like to hear from the audience what their challenges and lessons are.

Martin Tege

Martin Tege

Innovation Project Manager AI & Development

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