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Working for 10+ years in the media industry in various product roles, Jos van Essen has seen how transformative this industry is. Changing customer behaviour, business models, channels and tech make this a very challenging yet rewarding field to be working in.

Jos began his career at Sanoma &, one of the largest news outlets in the Netherlands. Later he worked at various local newspapers in the northern Netherlands to drive their innovation agenda to create a full digital subscription model. Now he’s leading the product team at Follow the Money, an investigative journalism platform powered by 40.000 paying subscribers.

Jos van Essen


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LVR LandesMuseum

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Journalism learns to listen - Community engagement workflows in practice

With Martin Tege, Julia Hildebrand, Jos van Essen and Jey Wegner

We talk about how community journalism is key to large scale investigations and small scale engagement, to the development of participation models in cities and how it leads to sustainable business models. We focus especially on how independent newsrooms can establish the workflows and choose the right toolstack to make these practices a daily routine.