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At, Martin Tege is working on how Smart Audio can be used to tell new stories – in dialogue with the audience and from multiple perspectives – to get listeners more involved and ensure that the media listens to them better. Martin also makes sure that people come together with the help of journalism and that communities don't run out of things to talk about.

Martin Tege


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LVR LandesMuseum

// Workshop 1

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Journalism learns to listen - Community engagement workflows in practice

With Martin Tege, Julia Hildebrand, Jos van Essen and Jey Wegner

We talk about how community journalism is key to large scale investigations and small scale engagement, to the development of participation models in cities and how it leads to sustainable business models. We focus especially on how independent newsrooms can establish the workflows and choose the right toolstack to make these practices a daily routine.

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Design Offices

// WorkLab I

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Die Polyreportage: Neue Perspektiven – Neue Lösungen?

Mit Martin Tege, Jakob Vicari and Sigrid März

Wie können Journalist:innen Geschichten aus mehreren Blickwinkeln erzählen? Wir berichten, wie wir die erste Polyreportage Deutschlands produziert haben. Und arbeiten mit den Teilnehmer:innen an Ideen, Dialogen und Templates ihrer eigenen Polyreportage.