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LVR LandesMuseum // Workshop 3

Colmantstraße 14-16
53115 Bonn

The event will be held in English.

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Turkey is not immune to political polarisation and societal fault lines. Our channel +90, part of the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, has faced obstacles in delivering quality journalism in Turkey's difficult political environment. But our efforts were not in vain.We will share lessons learned from events like the response to the 2023 earthquakes in Turkey and the general election coverage that took place in May 2023. Our discussion will focus on the importance of constructive journalism in challenging contexts and invite the audience to participate in shaping the future of media.

What we offer:

  1. Lessons learned: We will share insights from our coverage of the earthquakes and general election, highlighting the role of constructive journalism in providing accurate information, fostering unity, and promoting critical thinking.
  2. Constructive journalism in action: Using case studies from the earthquakes and general election, we will demonstrate how constructive journalism engages audiences, counters news avoidance, and bridges societal divides.
  3. Engaging the audience: The panel discussion will involve the audience, encouraging them to share their experiences and perspectives on journalism challenges in difficult political environments. Our aim is to spark a meaningful discussion on the importance of constructive journalism and how we can create a healthier media landscape. We would love to join the b° future festival with our panel discussion on constructive journalism in Turkey. By sharing our lessons, showcasing its power, and fostering discussion, we aim to inspire the embrace of constructive journalism as a transformative force in challenging contexts. Together, we can reshape the future of media, overcome obstacles, foster engagement, and build a healthier information landscape in Turkey and beyond.
Özge Artunç

Özge Artunç

Deutsche Welle (DW), +90

Journalist, Executive Producer

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