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Çağrı Özdemir is an editor working at the +90 YouTube channel under the DW Turkish service. Prior to joining +90, Çağrı undertook the opinions editor role at Al Jazeera English headquarters in Doha, Qatar. He also has contributed as a news/analysis/opinion author for news outlets such as the Middle East Eye and the New Arab. He holds a master's degree from the University of Edinburgh as a Jean Monnet scholar, and currently he is a fellow at the joint constructive journalism programme by Bonn Institute and DW.

Çağrı Özdemir


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Constructive Journalism at +90: Overcoming challenges and fostering engagement in Turkey

With Çağrı Özdemir, Özge Artunç, Defne Altıok und Lars Boering

Discover how +90, part of Deutsche Welle, overcame hurdles to deliver quality journalism in Turkey's challenging political landscape. At our proposed panel discussion at b° future festival, we share lessons from tackling the 2023 earthquakes and covering the recent general election. Learn about the power of constructive journalism and help shape the future of media in Turkey and beyond.