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Julius E. O. Fintelmann is the co-founder and editorial director of The European Correspondent, a new European media outlet. With a team of over 170 journalists from across Europe, Julius aims to deliver European journalism and contribute to the building of European civil society. Besides his work at The European Correspondent, he worked as a journalist for multiple international media outlets and civil society organizations. With a background in international law, Julius is engaged with the Africa-Europe Foundation as a speaker and organizer on new narratives within Africa-Europe relations.

Julius Fintelmann


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Why objectivity is not the future of journalism

With Martina Monti and Julius Fintelmann

Join our panel as we challenge the norms of objective journalism and explore what lies beyond objectivity. Discover how empathy can transform storytelling and gain practical insights on navigating biases and striking a balance between opinion and values when striving for fairness. We will delve into the impact of fair journalism in empowering local voices and activate a remote investigative team across Europe. This is why objectivity is not the future of journalism.