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Design Offices // WorkLab II

Rabinstraße 1
53111 Bonn

The event will be held in English.

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Journalists engage with farmers, fishermen, activists, politicians, indigenous communities, social workers, scientists, and the person at the bar. Many of these protagonists have ideas for addressing major societal challenges. However, they seldom cross paths because they move in different circles. We bring them together virtually when we write a story or edit a film. What happens when we also connect them in real life and moderate a dialogue to discover new solutions? Is this still journalism, or does it become art, design, or even activism? In this brief hands-on workshop, we aim to explore what journalists can contribute to solving the crises of the 21st century when they combine constructive journalism with eco-social design approaches.

Uwe H. Martin

Uwe H. Martin

Visual Storyteller, Slow Journalist, Artist, Educator

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