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LVR LandesMuseum // Workshop 2

Colmantstraße 14-16
53115 Bonn

The event will be held in English.

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The media landscape has undergone significant changes in recent years with the emergence of new media platforms, shifting audience behavior, unpredictable algorithms, a fragmented advertising market, and now AI. Old media must adapt to this new reality if they want to maintain their relevance in society as meaningful, challenging, and investigative intermediaries between the public and those in power. It is relatively easy to devise a strategy as a media outlet to strengthen the relationship with our target audience and create more direct relevance for them. The challenge lies in integrating this approach into the daily routines of the newsroom in a methodical and persistent manner. The Better Listening Method helps media organizations democratize the power of questioning and maintain focus on the target audience's reality and expectations of the media. The method consists of four values that together foster a more listening and collaborative mindset within the media organization: LISTEN FIRST - Practical tools for a new culture. EVERYDAY HUMILITY - Keeping focus on the audience. TRUST IN THE POPULATION - Our thinking determines out approach. LISTEN UP - We are constantly learning.

Nanna Holst

Nanna Holst

Constructive Institute, TV 2 Kosmopol

Editor, Scholar, Project Manager

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