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University Bonn // Hörsaal IV

Am Hof 1
53113 Bonn

The event will be held in English.

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The session will focus on the analysis and verification of digital images and video, supported by technology. It will showcase the so-called verification plug-in, a browser extension that comes out of EU co-funded research projects and is provided in particular to the journalism, fact-checking and human rights community, completely free of charge. Following some contextual information, we will look into a selection of features and demonstrate some of the benefits of this ‘one-stop-shop-verification tool’ that is already used by more than 90,000 investigators world-wide. To install the plug-in on your own PC (not available for mobile phones) you can download it from the Chrome store for the Google Chrome browser, free of charge, via

Jochen Spangenberg

Jochen Spangenberg

Deutsche Welle (DW)

Innovation Manager

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