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Zahra ist eine Multimedia-Journalistin aus Pakistan und hat einen doppelten Master-Abschluss in Journalismus und Medien-Globalisierung. Sie hat Forschung über Medienzensur und erzwungene Verschwindenlassen durchgeführt. Sie arbeitet weiterhin freiberuflich als Kulturberichterstatterin und bietet Schulungen zur Vielfalt in Redaktionen und zur gemeinschaftlichen Berichterstattung an.

Zahra Salah Uddin


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Aiming for fairness: Confronting bias in foreign reporting

With Sham Jaff, Laura Postma und Zahra Salah Uddin

Foreign reporting in German media focuses on a limited number of countries — recent studies confirm this. Events in the rest of the world go unnoticed. This phenomenon is repeated in many Western countries. The causes of this attention imbalance and the measures that could be taken to address it will be discussed by Sham Jaff, along with Alena Jabarine and Laura Postma.

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How to diversify your newsroom

With Zahra Salah Uddin

How journalists interact with international teammates greatly matters for the success of cross-border collaborations. The effects of implicit bias, lack of awareness about privileges, or the overall lack of diversity in the field of journalism have given priority to white, male, and western voices over others. This norm is in conflict with the traditional understanding of journalists as neutral, objective, and impartial observers of the world and risks omitting perspectives that are necessary for understanding the whole picture.