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As a journalist, Caroline Lindekamp has worked for Handelsblatt, Zeit Online, T3N, and Journalist, among others, worked as a media analyst at NewsGuard, and taught and researched at universities. In her work at CORRECTIV, these areas come together: She has led the interdisciplinary research project noFake since March 2022.

Caroline Lindekamp


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How can we effectively combat disinformation?

With Caroline Lindekamp, Joscha Weber, Rachel Baig und Kian Badrnejad

"On every social media platform, we encounter a plethora of false information, propaganda, and fakes. With the rise of AI applications, the question of what is authentic and what is not has become more pressing than ever. Journalism must provide constructive answers in this scenario - but how? How effective are fact-checks, explainers for improving media literacy, and preventive measures?