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Kristine Villanueva is an engagement journalist, editor, and educator passionate about harnessing people-powered media to strengthen and expand community-based information networks. In addition to teaching at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York, her experience in engagement journalism includes leading digital, social media, newsletter and SMS texting strategies to reach disenfranchised communities. She has worked in news organizations such as Resolve Philly, POLITICO, and The Center for Public Integrity where she managed nationwide crowdsourced reporting projects and newsroom collaborations. She is also the Vice President and national board representative of the Asian American Journalists Association, Philadelphia. In her off hours, she likes to paint zines, go to punk shows, and cuddle her cat, Perseus (aka Percy).

Kristine Villanueva


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Communicate, Don’t (Just) Infuriate: Strengthening how journalism converses with the world

With Allen Arthur und Kristine Villanueva

What do restorative justice, community psychology, and the amygdala have in common? They can each help journalists get healthier outcomes from their reporting.