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Yasmina Al-Gannabi is an experienced audience development manager and trainer at Deutsche Welle (DW). Her passion and extensive expertise make her a sought-after expert in digital engagement. As a founding member of the DW Audience Development team, Yasmina plays a key role in developing and implementing innovative strategies to increase the reach and engagement of DW content on various platforms. Her expertise covers a wide range of topics, including:

Data-driven social media strategies: Yasmina helps organizations harness the power of data to optimize their social media presence and reach their target audiences more effectively. She places particular emphasis on user needs and a user-centered approach.

Captivating digital storytelling: She teaches the ability to tell stories that captivate people and motivate them to take action, with a particular focus on Generation Z.

Critical security measures for digital engagement: She raises awareness of the importance of protecting online accounts and data in the digital age. Yasmina shows ways to secure digital identities, protect against cyber-attacks and doxing, and manage crises.

Constructive community management: Yasmina demonstrates how to build and maintain active and engaged online communities, promote dialogue with the audience, and effectively deal with hate speech.

Yasmina Al-Gannabi


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LVR LandesMuseum

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Building Bridges: Constructive Journalism, Threads and the Power of Community Management

With Yasmina Al-Gannabi