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Nadine Wojcik and Tina Hüttl have been podcast lecturers for 5 years, primarily training volunteers at public broadcasters, foundations, and publishers. They have been passionate about podcasts since "Serial" (2014). Through their years of dissecting what makes podcasts so special, they realized that journalists and listeners are connecting with unprecedented intensity.

Nadine has subscribed to more podcasts than she can listen to. She co-hosts the "PlusEins" format for DLF Kultur and scripts the children's podcast "Kakadu." During her trimedial traineeship at Deutsche Welle, she gave up her dream of becoming a TV journalist as she fell in love with radio. Nadine is the daughter of Polish immigrants, so she often heads east as a journalist, for example, to cover Polish exorcists. This research no longer fit into a radio feature and became a book.

Portraitfoto von Nadine Wojcik.