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Peter Damgaard Kristensen is CFOO (Finance and Operations) at the Constructive Institute in Aarhus. With an academic background in political science coupled with a career as a senior advisor, head of operations and project management, his primary expertise is in journalism, analysis, and R&D. In his role at the Constructive Institute, Peter not only oversees and co-develops multiple development projects, but is also responsible for operations. Currently his primary projects focus on developments in AI, collaboration between journalism and academia and impact studies of journalism.

Peter Damgaard-Kristensen


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LVR LandesMuseum

// Auditorium

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Humans AND Machines: How to use AI constructively

With Charlie Beckett, Astrid Maier, Christina Elmer and Peter Damgaard-Kristensen

Generative Artificial Intelligence has taken center stage this year, sparking responses from media companies worldwide. Get ready to dive deep into the AI-human collaboration at the b° future festival!

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