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Lena Roche is a founding member of 99, a platform created by Jerôme Plan, which shares short documentaries - subtitled in 10 languages – for free. She got involved because she believes it is essential to tell unseen and universal stories from around the world, to give a platform to voices struggling to be heard. She has also worked at the international news channel Euronews since 2008, initially as a bilingual journalist, then as an EU-expert, before becoming an Editor and Deputy Editor-in-Chief. She works also as a correspondent/ reporter, and she does translations and voice-over for cultural projects.

Lena Roche


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Sion im Carré

// Senatssaal

99% of our DNA is the same as everyone else’s!

With Lena Roche

Journalism is about telling true stories, lived by other humans like us. With screenings of short documentary films from around the world, all subtitled in German, 99 would offer Bonn's residents the chance to swoop down into extraordinary lives.