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Diana Filmon is a philologist by training, communication person by experience and activist by choice. She is the CEO and founder of Forum Apulum Association, a Romanian civic NGO focused on working with younger generations. She is also a team member of Digital Communication Network Global, an international NGO with more than 7,000 member, coordinating various projects around the world.

Diana is co-founder of Gen, știri and Gen, revistă, some of the most well known media projects focused on young people in Romania. She is a trainer of media literacy, storytelling communication and community building; was a member of the Commission for Rights and Freedom of the Civil Society in the Economic and Social Committee in Romania; and has coordinated international projects focused on engaging the younger generations civically.

She has an experience of over 15 years in communication in various areas, from public institutions to multinational companies and NGOs.

Diana Filimon


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With Diana Filimon

We often hear statistics – some bad, some good – about how Gen Z is growing up. Their values, their habits, and their understanding of what is happening will shape the world. So what is Gen Z really like? Are they anarchists? Libertarians? Socialists? Do they care about the climate change? Will they be kinder or more cruel? Will they be able to face the world as it is now? Diana Filimon will share her thoughts after over 6 years of coordinating and implementing both online and offline projects focused entirely on our youngest generation. Spoiler alert: it's complicated.