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Derrick Cain is Director of Community Engagement at Resolve Philly, an unconventional journalism organization that offers opportunities for journalists to report collaboratively and more accurately, to better reach and serve communities in Philadelphia. Derrick was a 2019 Reentry Think Media Justice Fellow, where he created and told stories about former inmates citizens that challenge stereotypes and illuminates hurdles to reentry. He is the Chair of the Professional Men’s Group with Menzfit, where he helps formerly incarcerated individuals by connecting them to resources.

Derrick Cain


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LVR LandesMuseum

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Build Trust with underrepresented Communities

With Derrick Cain and Aparna Mukherjee

How do you engage with underserved communities? Does your audience feel heard and represented? During this talk, you will learn about Resolve Philly's community engagement strategies.

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