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Business and tech journalist Astrid Maier is passionate about making the world of work a more humane place. Since 2019, she has been Editor-in-Chief at Xing News; in October 2023 she will move to the German news agency dpa as Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Head of Strategy. Before joining XING, Astrid helped build the ada learning platform at Handelsblatt Media Group. She began her journalism career at the Financial Times Deutschland, then worked at the business monthly Manager Magazine and the business weekly Wirtschaftswoche, where she headed various departments. Maier is a recipient of Stanford University's John S. Knight Fellowship and a co-founder of Dverse Media, an association that promotes greater diversity and innovation in journalism.

Astrid Maier


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Sternlichtspiele - Kino

// Saal 1

Vom Algorithmus zum Artikel: Künstliche Intelligenz im Journalismus

Mit Markus Beckedahl, Moritz Döbler, Astrid Maier and Simon Hof

Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) ist kein vorübergehender Hype, sondern eröffnet den Medien faszinierende Möglichkeiten. Dieses Panel diskutiert: Welche Chancen und welche Risiken birgt der Einsatz künstlicher Intelligenz für den Journalismus?

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LVR LandesMuseum

// Auditorium

Festival ticket required

Humans AND Machines: How to use AI constructively

With Charlie Beckett, Astrid Maier, Christina Elmer and Peter Damgaard-Kristensen

Generative Artificial Intelligence has taken center stage this year, sparking responses from media companies worldwide. Get ready to dive deep into the AI-human collaboration at the b° future festival!

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