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Alexandra Borchardt is an independent journalist, media researcher, and consultant. She works for a variety of clients, including the World Association of News Publishers, the European Broadcasting Union, and TUM School of Management, where she is honorary professor for leadership and digitalization. Alexandra is the lead author of the EBU News Report 2023 “Climate Journalism That Works – Between Knowledge and Impact”.

Alexandra Borchardt
Jacobia Dahm


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Klimazelt Münsterplatz

Warum wir viele (Klima-)Infos hören und nur wenige uns wirklich erreichen…und wie wir selbst besser kommunizieren.  

Mit Bastian Schlange and Alexandra Borchardt

Klimakommunikations-Experte/Expertin zeigen mit Beispielen, warum die Klimakrise gerade im Journalismus so schwer zu vermitteln ist. Und wie es dennoch gelingen kann.

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LVR LandesMuseum

// Auditorium

Festival ticket required

Navigating Complexity: Climate Reporting for Engaged Audiences  

With Alexandra Borchardt, Ruona Meyer, Lisa Urlbauer and Peter Schniering

The climate crisis is not only a scientific and environmental concern but a deeply interconnected challenge that touches every aspect of human life. How can journalists effectively engage our audience with the intricacies of the complex and abstract climate crisis? In this panel discussion, we will unravel hands-on approaches to bridge the gap between complex climate science and public understanding.

Session recordings