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Important Information

Before filling out the Call for Participation for the b° future festival 2024, please read the following information carefully:

The b° future festival is dedicated to journalism and constructive dialogue. This should also be reflected in your submitted contribution to the festival. Your contribution should address the problems and challenges of journalism today and include potential solutions.

At the b° future festival, media professionals from around the world come together. Moreover, as part of the festival, we will curate a range of events designed especially for those we serve – our audience, and anyone keen to get a glimpse behind the scenes of journalism. In the Call for Participation, we will therefore ask you to specify to which audience – journalists or general public – your submission is more suitable for. 

As an international festival, we value and celebrate diverse perspectives, aiming to reflect this in the selection of contributions. You are welcome to present your submission in German or English for our international audience.

Please ensure that all individuals contributing to your submission have agreed to be part of your session before filling out the Call for Participation,

Call for Participation

A significant part of the program will be curated through the Call for Participation. Our goal is to encompass the diversity of journalistic and media landscapes, spanning from traditional newspapers to contemporary TikTok channels. 

We look forward to your submission and your idea(s).

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Your turn now!

Call for Participation


What is the Call for Participation?

The Call for Participation shapes the program of the b° future festival. All journalists and media creators in general are invited to apply.

When is the deadline for the Call for Participation?

We accept submissions until April 30, 2024.

How is the program of the b° future festival curated?

The program of the b° future festival 2024 will be carefully curated by the b° future team. We strive to present a balanced mix of established experts and emerging voices to provide a broad perspective.

When will I be notified if my submission has been accepted or rejected?

We will provide you a final decision on your proposal starting from May 15, 2023. However,  we may accept some exciting submissions before the deadline.

What types of programs are there?
  • Talk – An inspiring presentation followed by Q&A
  • Panel – A moderated discussion followed by Q&A
  • Workshop – A small group works together on a specific topic
  • Clinic – Consult your peers on a specific topic from journalistic practice
  • Fireside Chat – A personal discussion between two people
  • Social Event – Networking and meeting new people
  • Offstage – Larger than life! An open and interactive event for many people
  • Podcast – Record a podcast episode in front of an audience
  • Reading – You have published a book in 2023 / 2024 and would like to read from it in front of an audience
How many sessions can I submit?

You can make multiple submissions. However, please consider: As a small team we prefer quality over quantity. You save us and yourself time by not submitting five entries right away, but focusing on one or two.

I want to participate as a speaker. What do I need to do?

If you want to become part of the b° future festival 2024 fill out our Call for Participation.

How do I create a profile as a speaker?

We will do that for you, if you are a speaker at #bff24. You can help by making sure that your information is accurate and complete when filling out the Call for Participation.

What is the compensation for speakers at the b° future festival?

Behind the organization of the b° future festival is the Bonn Institute. It is a non-profit organization with limited financial resources, which is why the b° future festival does not provide fees for speakers. 

Will my session be recorded?

We plan to offer extensive documentation for the upcoming festival. However, we will not be able to record every single session.

I need more information. Who can I contact?